Research Services

Over the course of the past decade I have researched the service history of hundreds of Royal Navy officers and men. During the course of that research I have learned quite a bit about how and where to find information—ranging from the obvious resources available from the National Archives at Kew and the Navy Lists of past years to more obscure documents available online and in my ever-increasing library of research documents.

My focus is primarily on RN, RNR, and RNVR officers. Occasionally it is possible to learn about non-commissioned/warrant officers (Surgeons, Pursers, Motor Mechanics, etc.). Researching the service history of enlisted men can prove more difficult given the typical paucity of references to them in the official records. But that doesn't mean it is an impossible task, and it is always worth the effort to try!

Success often depends on what you can provide as a starting point. A name of course (though not always—sometimes the clues in an old photograph are enough to point us in the right direction), and any additional detail makes things easier. That might include old family letters or pictures, information from medals, souvenirs brought home from service, etc.

Research rates start from £20 an hour depending on the complexity of the research.

Allow me to assist you in your research! I love the challenge of digging for clues and information (I was an archaeologist for years and the have never lost the habit). You will find my research rates reasonable and competitive.

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