Personal Accounts

In 1985 Noel F. Jones published the results of research into his father's service record as a member of the Motor Launch Patrol between 1917 and 1919 - publishing this as The Motor Launch Patrol in the Western Approaches and Irish Sea 1917-1919 in the quarterly Bulletin of the Liverpool Nautical Research Society. Mr. Jones has kindly shared his publication and some other documentation from his research and some of this, including extracts from the log book of ML 325, are presented here along with the Robert Jones Photo Album which presents the various photographs shared by Mr. Jones.

In early 2005 Gordon Smith, maintainer of the Naval-History.Net site, was contacted by Andy Hunter of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Hunter's father, Lieut. John R. Hunter, RNVR (later Captain, OBE, RCNVR), served in command of a Motor Launch during the war and, happily, came home with many annotated photographs. These include wonderful details, including some below-decks shots of the officer's accomodations. Gordon has added two pages to his site devoted to Mr. Hunter's information: A Canadian Lieutenant RNVR in World War One Motor Launches. Mr. Hunter's photograph collection is also included on this site as the John Hunter Photo Album.

Additionally, Ken Odell, friend of Andy Hunter, has graciously made his father's photo album available to us as well. Lieut. Russell Odell, RNVR, went to war with John Hunter and took numerous snapshots of his experiences. These images have been scanned and are available here as the Russell Odell Photo Album.

These albums provide an opportunity for additional commentary by viewers of this site should additional information or knowledge of a particular picture be available. Please feel free to contribute!