Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

The Yachting Monthly, May, 1917

Members of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron as Sub-Lieutenants
(26 out of 28 members of the club at the same depot)
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The Yachting Monthly, May, 1917
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is the senior yachting club in New Zealand, and its headquarters are at Auckland, although most parts of New Zealand are represented on its membership roll.

The club was founded in 1871 and in 1904 was granted the prefix .Royal. and the right to fly the Blue Ensign of H.M. Fleet on board the yachts on its register.

In 1914 the membership of the club was 330. At the end of 1916 over 100 members were on active service, 29 of whom are now serving as Sub-Lieutenants in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

The latter includes two of the club officers, Mr. B.W. Beaumont, hon. secretary, and Mr. J.S. Reid, hon. treasurer.

The club is comfortably housed in quarters on the top floor of Endian's Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland, overlooking the waters of the harbour.

[It seems likely that many of these men ended up serving aboard the ML's - JLC]